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  As an IoT centric embedded systems design and Services Company, Gemicates’s proficient product engineering and services (PES) team provides cutting edge technology solutions for sensor device integration and IoT product realization, over a wide variety of IoT applications. We provide end to end IoT based solution development from the Hardware design, embedded software development and connectivity to the Cloud/ Mobile App development.

  Sensors play a pivotal role in providing measurement of various parameters into the embedded system, and in turn can be propagated to any remote location, including Cloud. We have deep domain expertise on various sensors some of which include, Temperature/Humidity, Impedance measurement sensors, Infrared / UV sensors and Contact Image Sensors.

  Gemicates recently launched WhizBlox, a smart multi protocol IoT hub, which seamlessly integrates more than 100 types of sensors, for quick deployment of vertical IoT solutions.

  We cater to the IoT needs of a diverse industry base and have had successful experience with verticals such as Industrial Automation, Home & Office Automation, Energy Management, Consumer Electronics, Sports and Healthcare.


  Gemicates offers reliable, comprehensive and secure device data (M2M) aggregation and seamless connectivity to the Cloud through an IoT platform. We provide support for collecting the heterogeneous IoT data and converting it into actionable data which can be easily compared, correlated and merged and can be effortlessly interpreted and analyzed across multiple end user applications.

Cloud Connectivity & Workflow Integration

  Gemicates has deep domain experience in many of the peripherals and connectivity devices which are required in the current day scenario. The challenge is not just to make the peripherals connected to the controller, but also to optimize on power consumption, performance and provide a high level of error handling.

  Connectivity is the way to enable “Internet of Things”. Wireless technologies have matured with good power levels to enable ubiquitous solutions. Gemicates has successfully delivered products in several connectivity technologies, including Zigbee, Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, RS485, GPS, GSM/GPRS, Cy-RF.

  HMI (Human-Machine Interface) is a key aspect of interacting with systems for monitoring and control purposes. Several technologies are available which can be selected for the specific application, including LED, LCD, Touch etc.

  Gemicates has experience in Graphics Libraries and have a unique solution for a Graphics Library for 64x128 Monochrome LCD, which helps clients to create excellent graphics on a simple platform.

  Actuators and motors are required to control and create movement related products. Gemicates has delivered solutions in several pump, solenoid, DC motor, Stepper motor and BLDC motor solutions, interfaced to Microcontrollers.

Connectivity/Peripherals Summary

  • Communication Technologies -
    Wired : Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232, CANBUS, USB
    Wireless: ZigBee, BT, BLE, 6LOWPAN, GSM/GPRS
  • Display: Graphic LED array, TFT LCD, Segmented LCD, e-inkC
  • Resistive and capacitive Touch screens
  • Membrane Keypad, capsense switches, hall effect and tactile switch inputs
  • Solenoids, DC Motor, BLDC Motor, Stepper Motors
  • Electrical measurement – Voltage, current, AC / DC, CT/PT, Hall sensors
  • General Measurement : NTC/PTC thermistors, Light intensity sensors, Contact Image sensors