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  Different stages of life wellness all benefit from activity monitoring through Gemicates. Gemicates Connected Aging solutions provide transparent monitoring of household activity that gives healthy living, and automatically optimizes the residential environment for maximum safety and comfort.
Gemicates provides remote-controllable door and access control, as well as automated comfort and safety conditions. A complete list of capabilities provided, enabled or powered by Gemicates in a connected aging environment is limited only by the imagination of the system designer and the needs of the connected home and individuals. 

For Child Care

  Walk your child through using all the different elements of your system. Make sure they know how to activate the system, disarm it and use it to call for help in an emergency. Let them get familiar with it and practice using the system on their own, too. Once they know the ins and outs of how it all works, you can move on to the technology side of things they’re bound to be interested in. With all the recent developments in mobile apps to control your home automation system, you’ll be able to know if your child is home from school even if you’re not there yet.

For Youngsters

  Youngster’s can be enjoy the internet activities from computers, laptops, tablets or phones, such as online games, social networks or other web sites. Video and audio can be present in every room in the form of stored or Internet movies, home videos, photos or music which enabled the devices can also be put on the home network, such as televisions, streaming media players and others.

Remote Access Control

  In many cases, the elderly are visited on an ongoing basis by outside parties that contribute to their well being, including home health aides, visiting nurses and family and friends that stop by for assistance and socialization.  With a Gemicates controllable lock, caregivers can schedule times for doors to be opened for these parties and know when they have arrived. They can also remotely allow unexpected visitors, all without disturbing the loved one(s).

Remote Control Of Interior Environments

  With Gemicates controls light, temperature and other systems throughout the residence can be controlled remotely.  Motorized shades ensure that elderly parents aren't sitting in the dark because shades are too heavy or high to reach.  Caregivers can ensure that there's appropriate heat or air conditioning with remote HVAC controls, and through water sensors know and that grandma or grandpa hasn't accidentally left the water in the bathtub running.

  With Gemicates, there's more than just security, comfort and convenience for the elderly ageing in place.  The connected environment that it allows can also reduce emergency visits, minimize risk of hospitalizations, help end users better manage chronic conditions, and keep them close with family and loved ones 24/7.

Health Care

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Medication reminders
  • Daily medical testing
  • Remote medical consultation
  • Medical care coordination

Home safety

  • Fall prevention
  • Security
  • Lighting

Long distance care giving

  • Family caregiving coordination
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Fighting loneliness or depression