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Retrofit Services

  Retrofication is the modernization through retrofitting the earlier systems by new updated system at the optimized cost. Retrofication is up gradation to the latest standards.Now in India, most of the utility looking forward to have the retrofit solution by changing the old electromechanical relays into intelligent electronic devices (i.e) Numerical relays compatible to latest protocols like IEC 61850. Gemicates is experienced and keen to provide better services at optimized cost.

1.Retrofitting Numerical relays Disturbance recorder, Event logger in CR panels.
2.Modifying the circuit as per the retrofitted device scheme.
3.Configuring the relay in accordance to the scheme.
4.Providing testing and commissioning support.
5.Integration of retrofitted module with existing DCS / SCADA.


Gemicates vision is to be one of the leaders in sub-station automation, augmentation, testing and commissioning. Working closely with our customers and understanding their business needs, we ensure our Customer’s success through our innovative systems, services and complete solutions. Our customer’s success is our victory