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“Easy to operate the entire house from one location, through Gemicates”


  Music can be relaxing, make us happy and reduce stress. Why not create moments of happiness in your Gemicates Smart Home through music? Wake up to your favorite song in the morning, listen to relaxing music while in the bath after a long day at work and incorporate sounds for specific events like a doorbell chime when someone is at the door. The opportunities with our Smart Home Sound System are endless.
  Your music & multimedia devices are intelligently automated, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy. Have your whole house or individual rooms welcome you as you walk in, playing your favorite playlist on entry. When you leave, the audio will automatically turn off.

“Automation and Entertainment in Your Living Room and Your Aircraft “

Access All in One App

  In a Gemicates Smart Home, various home entertainment devices can be incorporated into a centrally-controlled music & multimedia solution. Say goodbye to all of those remotes and simply control these devices from the Gemicates Smart Home App.
  Gemicates introduce our entertainment system as Gem Media player. It can be a simple, easy to use and beautiful remote that lets you control your Gem Media Player from your Android device.

Just One App for the Whole Home Audio

  With Gemicates, you’ll be able to control what’s playing all around the house with just one app. you can choose which rooms play the same music and have something completely different playing in others.
You’ll have an overview of what’s playing and make individual adjustments at any time. Whether it’s changing the volume, skipping songs, choosing a new playlist, scrolling through albums, playing your personal favorite from your library– it can all be done in one app.

“The Gemicates system is extremely user friendly and of superior quality”

Gem Player presents the following features

  • Allows users to select the remote control of the desired room's Gem Media Player connected to the home network.
  • Displays music cover art, if available.
  • Download movie posters and actor thumbs from IMDB, if available.
  • Easy view of movies and music selections such as using Genres, Studios, Album, Artists and Songs.
  • Play a song,choose your photo library and instantly enjoy slide shows and music on a big screen.
  • Browse files (Movies, Music Videos, Trailers, Songs, Pictures) directly from the application.
  • Live view and control of currently playing album including UPnP content.
  • User friendly virtual remote control on the application.
  • Supports almost all major Video, Audio and Image Codecs

Entertainment will never be the same once you upgrade to a smart home audio system.

  • Distribute music from one location throughout your entire home with a whole-home distribution system.
  • Control speaker volume in each room individually or all at the same time.
  • Choose from in-wall speakers, ceiling speakers, surround sound, subwoofers and more! Make outdoor entertainment fun with outdoor speakers – some even look like rocks!
  • Don't want to run wires throughout your home? Home Controls carries wireless audio distribution systems, too! Ideal for renters.
  • Expand your home theater system with HDMI and IR distribution components.